DeveloperPLUS / Lodestar Software Manifesto 

With the arrival of AnyScreen and the influence it has on RPM & CRT this is the current plan of action...

I will attempt to get as much of RPM and CRT as possible compliant with AnyScreen over the next few weeks, as time permits aside from contract demands.

Upon pre-release of C12, with support for EMF's for report output, I will update RPM and CRT to account for this change.

AFE is end-of-life and although I might consider moving it to C12 I'll have to determine if there will be any ROI to do so. As it stands that is seriously doubtful since Data Techniques has closed and no future updates to FaxMan will be available.

Once C12 updates are finished I will be closing up shop on 3rd party products. At that time anyone that has an active subscription will be offered a cost efficient upgrade to the source to RPM and CRT once I've made it palatable for everyone to view. (RPM even frightens me in its present form)

At this time I do not see third party support moving beyond 2022 unless C12 has not been released by that time. If not I will keep the lights on until it is.

It's been an honor and a privilege to be part of the 3rd party offerings for Clarion developers and to have had the opportunity to moderate four ETC conferences.

I will continue to develop in Clarion most likely until I forget too much to make it profitable so don't expect me to vanish any time soon.

NOTICE: Dates are subject to change which is why this isn't etched in stone!



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